Gigabit Passive Optical Networking

Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) is an innovative green technology that provides voice, video and secure data to the enterprise. GPON simplifies the devices needed in the distribution and access layer by collapsing the architecture and leveraging a zone fiber design, resulting in a dramatic reduction of network equipment and environmental requirements. The end user device, called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), only requires a single simplex fiber core via a 1:32 optical splitter for connectivity to the head-end Optical Line Terminal (OLT). GPON devices connect to an upstream layer 3 device for routing and higher layer 3 functions such as QoS and VLAN’s. Administration is simplified by utilizing one admin interface for all GPON devices. 3TI was an early adopting integrator and has extensive experience in deploying and designing GPON and ROADM Our hard work combined with these emerging solutions have paved the way in the DoD for a paradigm shift into a new wave of technology . 3TI recently was awarded the contract to deploy GPON at HQ NETCOM, Fort Huachuca, working under ISEC. Our team has written the Engineering and Implementation Plan that is now the ISEC approved standard for GPON in the Army.


Physical Security

Historically, network physical network security has been a complex and expensive initiative. 3TI has pushed the standards to a new level with the introduction of Alarmed Protective Distribution Systems using interlocking armored fiber. When designed correctly, all of the CCI devices within the base can be removed except the off-site connection to the DISA cloud. Since the hardened carrier is the interlocking armor, adds move and changes are extremely easy. The burdens of the construction and bulky, unsightly PDS are removed. Utilizing a web management interface, we are able to accurately and efficiently pin point the alarm event location. Many options, such as shutting data off during an alarm event, can be configured to ensure the technologies operate within the policies defined by the command. Layering the technologies within our practice areas like VDI and GPON, we are able to provide enterprise capabilities for classified and unclassified network environments leveraging a single fiber bundle to the desk. When leveraging VDI with zero clients, the need of locking the hard drives, encryption devices, open storage facilities, and many other restrictions are eliminated.