You’re transitioning to an era of more flexible networks, cloud services, mobile capabilities, and concerned about cyber security. Downtime is unacceptable. Security breaches are brand-damaging. You demand performance from your network and systems. We offer services to ensure that technology performance and security are reliable while you focus on your mission.

3Ti Technology Optimization Services prevent and reduce network and communications problems, maximize your Return on Investment (ROI), and optimize product capabilities including ensuring the latest features & security updates are correctly deployed. We deploy all solutions, patches, and updates in our environment before yours. This enables us to resolve technical issues with the manufacturer and prevents issues from reaching your site.

Our Integrated Value Experience helps you deploy and migrate to new technologies with minimal risk.

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3Ti has performed industry-first installations of many manufacturers products as part of complex solutions. Our unique experiences have led to resolving many integration and interoperability issues with the products involved, building a strong knowledge base that becomes part of your team.

Why Choose Us

  • Technologies proven in our own environment before yours.
  • Certified Engineers with US Government Security Clearances.
  • Flexible models to engage via multiple contract types and partnerships.
  • Committed to customer success – not just initial deployment.

What Customers Say

“The Command’s Conference rooms are now functioning properly, this was a tedious and difficult effort but 3Ti was able to respond rapidly…your guys were truly dedicated.

Thanks 3Ti for the outstanding support!”

US Army Customer